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Giulio Elected Co-Vice Chair of the GRC on Intermediate Filaments

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Giulio was invited to the Gordon Research Seminar as one of two faculty members to chair the seminar which is dedicated to trainees. Giulio was also elected as Co-Vice Chair of the Gordon Research Conference!

At the top left is Giulio on the left with Howard Warman, the co-chair of the GRC, on the right.

At the top right is a group photo of everyone attending the Gordon Research Seminar.

Pictured in the bottom left is Giulio along with the other GRS faculty panelist Pascale Bomont (Montpellier, France), Werner Dykstra (Utrecht, NL) and GRS Chair Sarka Salajkova (Zurich, Switzerland) riding a ski lift.

Finally, in the bottom right is a picture of a classic dinner at the Gordon Research Conference with the main component being the lobster!


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