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LCN Meeting in Haifa, Israel

Featured were presentations from our lab and our collaborators from UPenn, as well as other international collaborators from Amsterdam (NL), Grenoble (France), Haifa (Israel), and Hamburg (Germany)

Our featured presentations at this meeting:

Christopher Pantelis - Disruption of Desmin Homeostasis with Acute Heart Disease

Joseph Oldam (virtual presentation) - Hydrogels to Study Desmin Phase Transition and its Aggregation

Zixiao Li (virtual presentation) - Disruption of Desmin Homeostasis with Ischemic Heart Disease: A New Target For Therapy

Presentations took place during the day on March 7th and 8th of 2023 with network lunches during breaks and dinners after the presentations for a specified day.

Pictured are some members of the LCN Network with Giulio and Chris in the far back at a coastline in Haifa. Also pictured, is Chris preparing to give his presentation to the LCN Network.

All trip costs were paid for by the Leducq Foundation.


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