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ISHR Poster Presentation and LCN Meeting in Berlin, Germany

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Our lab was selected to give a poster presentation on our collaborative project with the LCN. Joseph gave the presentation on the temporal detection of Desmin cytoskeletal remodeling in chemically-induced Cardiac Hypertrophy! After the ISHR, Joseph and Giulio attended the semi-annual LCN Meeting and both presented.

Our lab was invited to the International Society of Heart Research (ISHR) Convention in June of 2022 which took place in Berlin, Germany.

Our lab was selected to give a poster presentation on:

Early Desmin Cytoskeleton Remodeling in Experimental Cardiac Hypertrophy

Seen in the picture above on top is before Joseph gave the presentation of the poster on behalf of the lab to a group of observers. On the bottom is a group photo of our LCN Network eating out right after our semi-annual meeting!


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